Navitec gangway for Arc Gloria

During the yearly “Bollekesfeesten” in Antwerp, the city welcomed the Colombian training vessel ARC Gloria.
Navitec provided the gangway for safe boarding and unboarding during this port stay.

With the finely crafted ship being accessible to the general public during three consecutive days (August 19-21), safety was a crucial issue with regards to the transfer from shore to ship and back.
Navitec was chosen to supply one of their rental gangways.
This 10m gangway is the second in length of our gangway stock, reaching from 8 to a full 20m in length.
Placement and transport are taken care of by our own staff.

The ARC Gloria is three mast giant of the Colombian marine.
It was built in 1967 and has logged over 8000 sailing days.
During that time it’s been around the world twice.

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